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I Need A Doctor

on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 00:00
Dr. Dre
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Tyrone Lavel Ewing's picture

hello If you could Take out a sec of you day Too look At my page I think you would like what you see and hear People tell me That I remind them of A young Dre... Them some Big Shoes you wear but I think you would like what I have done for the game so far ......Coastal Underground and Thank You

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Artist name: Seraphim Messiah

last 2 are freestyles off the top..iM 19 1/26/1995
Sign me I know I will blow up

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@drdre Need to talk to u about how UMG here do there job, send u a twitter same like this, "is persional becourse it`s" " yes I can say it f**ked up over here the dont give a shit," and Im talking about not just BeatsBDre all your artists at Aftermath.
Im been a link thru UMG Europe for Aftermath Interscope and Shady and UMG and to -2014 03 for Curtis and G-Unit , This is not good Andre if it`s ok or allways sad that befor or D,
We have meet and talked from 1999 about 15 times or so and all production and shows and how they take care of like Ken Lamar when he was in Sweden 2 years ago 1 word LIKE SHIT. / I was so real pissed,
And after the EM Sep-13 shows Europe Eng,France,Scotland B its was crap... not Em but Sound arenas security all..
this must fix asap pepole event know who the best all time producer is or Aftermath Entertainment/ Interscope and J L and u are partners in all u do so this makes you and all loose alots of money and u all worked ur as of sry.. but its true and personly It`s F**KED UP
when they dont know that all we do in this must be 100% perfection!!! not 99.9% I been working with artist all my life and been Manager,
Head of Production, A&R ALL but only look at all swedish production we do Like Swedish House Mafia or ALESSO Steve Angelo Seb Ingrosso Axwell Avicii and all producers as u know from Sweden from Cheiron "Dennis Pop" was my best frend and now Rami Yacubi and MAX MARTIN at Maratone do some gr8t songs for Dans music etc and I allways know you are a 100% man like me
and I got my Mail privat now
UMG ... but hope u get this and you want to here all THE NEGATIVE THAT MUST CHANGE and right Team in Europe and UMG is NOT!!
They do nothing to promote or mercing nada I can 4 ex give all 100 dest DEEJAYS in the world who are playing in stadiums and festivals for 50-500.000pepole and where do you want your headphones to been seen ... better mercing and give all "super deejay`s free acces to your
Head phones so easy to fix I do it in 1 mounth then they all going to wear them and seen by miljons and miljons of pepole... u know what I mean so Have a good day D
my phone nr is in the mail if u send back dont want all pepole to get
privat stuff ok
Best regard
Jocke Thorsson

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I'm just trying to link up with you big brother. I'm a rapper and know that I have talent. Been poor all my life. Just help lead me in the right direction.




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Hi Dre,

I have a young artist who was recently on reailty t.v. did very well, but as mom/manager she need the Dr.Could you please have someone to contact me

                                                                             Thank You In Advance