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"I Need a Doctor" #1 on iTunes!

on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 19:21

"I Need a Doctor" is ranked #1 on iTunes!



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vite le nouvelle album dr.dre the best !

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you probably don't remeber me.  we met in l.a.  why did you diss  E so hard?

jesseh.hampton's picture

he doesnt care

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La meilleure chanson i need a doctor avec eminem  Mais moi j aime mieux fuck wit  dre day  dans the chronic et nuthin but a g thang 

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Please have the doctor contact Bill Diel (Jeff Dalziel's father

(Dr. Dre and my son collaberate)

PO Box 40

Sundridge, Ontario,

Canada, P0A 1Z0


I would like to do a mini tour with the Dr. and one of his new artists in Ontario, Canada next year.

I have a "killer" band that can back up the Dr.

Please get back to me with a price and availability.

Patiently awaiting your reply


Bill Diel

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I bought my 3 yr.old the beats and he will not take them off, we visit friends on Xmas and thru all the playing around with other kids somehow they came up missing, we search and search but couldn't find them, as we were leaving I backed the car out i felted a bump, it was the Beats that I backed over, he cried himself to sleep. This morning he asked me were they fixed.... I said to him that daddy will have to work some extra hous to buy you some new one. He said "I don't want you to work more" its okay. My son is amazing for a 3 yr old to say that really touched me to show how much he value me being around. I will replaced those beats one day soon. Thanks you have an amazing product

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Dear Musicians\ producers,


My name is Carolyn McDonough I am a fellow medical marijuana supporter I have also spoke at harvest festival in Madison Wisconsin as to how it helps my multiple scleroses. I have also been to pa regrettably I was only able to talk to bucks county because I don't drive so I could not get rides. Although there has been no change in Wisconsin legislation pa has changed a bit. But I am contacting all of you or producing companies because I feel that change should be here now! I also believe that all of you belove it should be legalized also. What I'm going to pitch to you is a proposal to help NORML , IMMLY become a national movement with a big boom. We to stomp in all states and end the prohibition of marijuana for medical use and recreational. Before we can get recreational use we have to have medical. I have been writing poetry for legalization. I regrettably had my brother produce 2 songs one of them isn't about my issue at hand but I wrote and let him tweek if you would like to Liston its on sounclick.


thanks for letting me put this out there and for your time


friends know me as

Lyn Mc

AKA: Maryjane /Lyn_420

email :