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on Thu, 11/18/2010 - 00:00
Dr. Dre
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E Single
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Hi Dr Dree , i'm a pianist that liked to improve to the piano .. my dream is to work with you . Hope that you have sometimes to listen me while performing ...Excuse me for my English but i would like really to work with you .. I know I'm the millionth person asking you to listen to, but I'm asking really. 1big Huge hope that you like it .

mail :

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ok im just gonna though this out there i ve been with the wrong crowd since 5th grade and im in the 10th grade ive done some shit tht im not proud of me and my bro john are working on an album called "Yupp the E.P." and it is not working very well are sound booth is his closet and it sucks he can rap like crazy i have more of an audio point of view we have a killer beat called the riff so i would like a chance at this i know im a crazy white boy but his dad regrets having him and his mom left last year so would u plz just give us a chance




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Two words dope shit!

Lavon Ford's picture Doctor Dre it has been my lifelong dream to be able do just one track with you. I grew up in the early 80's and 90's listening to NWA, the Chronic, Doggystyle w/snoop and i don't know how desperate this sounds, however Doctor Dre growing listening to your talent i absolutely idolizes you-quote by Lavon Ford

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gde tut blya sluchayut?гавно ане сайт  эппл лохи что им такое впарили. 


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Hold up whait a minute, let me put some kush up in this song, the beat, the chorus, the flows...hella tight.