Aftermath's Jon Connor drops an exclusive freestyle

Aftermath's @JonConnorMusic drops an exclusive #ThePharmacy freestyle #ThePeoplesRapper. 



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Hey whats up. My name is Wolf, I'm originally from NYC and relocated to Atlanta last year. I am a serious music producer. I play everything from scratch, even a sample I would play over and have it sounding like the band that created it. I have for years been making west coast beats as I am a follower and fan of Aftermath and have been a Dre fan forever. He is one of my biggest inspirations and I feel I am ready to become a part of his production squad. I have a bunch of old tracks I did some years ago on under Wolf Music Creations but I haven't updated it to anything since as my music style has been copied from others that would up successful so I don't share my new styles and sounds in which I have many. I would be willing to fly out to Cali just for someone in the camp to take a listen to my sound as I know email corresponding doesn't get the undivided attention or notoriety that I seek in submissions. I have in my teen years worked with Ruff Ryders and Wootang that led me no where due to drama issues within the company structures so I just stayed away from the industry and now I'd like to exhibit my talents to a well known label with a great success record such as Aftermath. I would love to hear back from someone in Aftermath that would be willing to give me a shot by listening to my music compositions. My email is I hope to hear back from someone at Aftermath soon. Dreams do come true eventually

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ready for bfgyyyru .....86hfgt

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Forgot about me

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Hey dr dre that would be nice to get s free cd through the mail,I am broke .Hey dre no joke i found a masterpiece.It could be made as a maid could get. We need patience to perfect this track. As god says patience virtrue. And you would want too get in on this . I ve got too get this produced soon.GOD BlESS IN Jesus'name.