Compton Out Now!

"It's no Detox. It's something realer, and better." - Rolling Stone

Get Dr. Dre's new album, 'Compton', here.



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Mustafa_Alkan's picture

Hi Dre. I'm Alkan. Mustafa Alkan. I'm sorry for my bad english. İ'm a Turkish Rapper & Producer in Ankara/Turkey. I couldn't find your e-mail address. So I wrote a comment. I did a beat. Would you check if available. I need your help. Beat with .bin extension. I would be very pleased if you could listen and make the .bin extension wav. I want to prove myself. Please listen. Just listen.

Daniel_Amiri's picture

Hello Mr. Young, I hope to meet with you in the near future. I’m here for you. Your album Compton speaks volumes and I agree. It’s time to make the change.


Thank you 

Leena_Ojala's picture

Hi. Greetings from Finland. I just watch the movie about N.W.A.  I was suppose to say something about it but what the hell...thumbs up and keep going!!

boyd_freeman's picture

peace love and positivity and u can change the world

Philemon_Togara's picture

any samples...whats ur site?