Compton Out Now!

"It's no Detox. It's something realer, and better." - Rolling Stone

Get Dr. Dre's new album, 'Compton', here.



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somos um em todo mundo pelas vida que trouxe a cada um a este momento  vemos o quanto e dificio estar onde queremos estar  porem ainda vejo um dia pelo outro em sao paulo alcansar para  e star onde muito hoje  desprezam familia  a verdadeira familia que desejo contruir esposa  e filhos o desejo da migracao poder estar em um lugar e trabalhar pela vida entre amigos a paz desejada alegria  da alma venancio eloi de melo junior napo fator verbal 


The chance of a life seems increasingly distant acount providenci of the states i count on you and everyone even with the difficulties and people in brazil who try to prevent my going to the united states trying to destroy my life using technological resources and threatening voice actors and complicit GOD This FRONT CAPTON BROKLIN IS IN MY HEART TO THE STATES WAS ALSO, ALWAYS THE BLUE WILL BE ON SHOWING US HIS RESPIRATOR AND JOY EVEN IN THE NIGHT

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So this is who you all are rapping about. How good do you feel about yourselfs. 3606404774 now. How the fuck can you seriously rap aboyt or produce music about my life of abuse and use the one person i ruly loved to give you all my personal life and all my pain you all inflicted on me just so you guys could make money. Wow. You all want the truth out there.... your rapping about a lil girl who wveryone except one sexually abused, beat, and drugged. Fuck, you all are making money from trudells pain. Not yours. Bet you all lose your fans and all your money. You all act like your soooo gangster, no, your sick. Absolutely sick. I have lost everything and you all laugh like talking a womans life and putting it all out there with out my knowledge. Hope, you all should be poor and living in a fucking bag full of dog shit. My name is nichole lynn trudell bitch, you wonder why they call me bitch...... now you know. How strong do you feel now. That life you have you you have from stealing my story. And then you take david and play dead. How did your son die? Cuz i bet you rhat pain you felt is nothing compared to the pain you should be deeling knowing you and your fucked up music  took everyone and my kids from me all because one of you are david and playing dead. How the fuck are you gunna explain now? Your all discusting. Write some music now about how great you are for making music on ruining my life because i am mentally, physically, and emotionally strong. Now you know who the fuck really should have been blamed for all this.  Art jones, Chelsea williams april trudell channel westcoast, shall i keep going or are you gunna let my government named Marshall mathers  a.k.a david nathan rhodes go? He has some major ass kissing to do before i finish exposing the rest of my story the real way. Now, your fucking threats and  quarintine is abiut to get real for once. I cant wait to see you all in person when you personal explain yourselfs. You all act like cuz you have muscles your big and bad and tough.  Turns out this would be why they call it justins music. Fuck, thats who should have lost his life. Not david. I dont give a fuck how big and bad ya'll think you are. I will take you all on. And then i will personally thank you when you help me slaughter all my friends and family and bring him back to me. Now i will be expecting my visit now. I can uncover each and ecery one of you. Privately or publicly. My choice this time. Now use your connections for good from now on and get this darkness your all living off of and show some respect for me and the one who seriously played rhe part so well. Shows how strong a bond can be huh. Imagine if nichole put your shit out there. I would have atleast been there for yiu phtsically while you went through  quarintine of hip hops and washingtons secretes. Trust and believe my knoledge is power and gunna change everything if you keep this up. You having fun listening now. Dont forget katie eather.

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Hi Dre. I'm Alkan. Mustafa Alkan. I'm sorry for my bad english. İ'm a Turkish Rapper & Producer in Ankara/Turkey. I couldn't find your e-mail address. So I wrote a comment. I did a beat. Would you check if available. I need your help. Beat with .bin extension. I would be very pleased if you could listen and make the .bin extension wav. I want to prove myself. Please listen. Just listen.

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Hello Mr. Young, I hope to meet with you in the near future. I’m here for you. Your album Compton speaks volumes and I agree. It’s time to make the change.


Thank you