Dr. Dre's "Talk About It" Lyric Video Premiering Monday, October 5th!

#TalkAboutIt Lyric Video. Monday.

#TalkAboutIt lyric video. Monday.

Posted by Dr Dre on Friday, October 2, 2015

"COMPTON" out now.



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Sitting in the motel room; the band starts playin my favorite tune. All a sudden,  there's a knock at the door! Probably some one who wants to score! We ask whose there and we get NO REPLY! So we look at each other *with the serious eye*!!! Instinct tells me *Stash it all!!!!*  Noone wants to take the fall! So I stashed the pipes and I stashed the scales and luckily noone went to jail!!!

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!  BTW - I am trying to contact you because I have been sitting on lyrics written in the 80's! Not to brag but one poem/lyrics for a song  - Is published in the *International Library of Congress in the Poetry section I presume.  As well as a couple of other countries that asked for permission to publish in their libraries as well!!!!

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Hello Mr. Young, I hope to meet with you in the near future. I’m here for you. Your album Compton speaks volumes and I agree. It’s time to make the change.

Email: daniel@letzchat.com

Thank you 

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Fuck Beethoven, screw bach, this is our countrys greatest music put on wax. -CHEESE

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Eai DRE, aqui e o ZK, sou mega fã de vc mano, ainda sonho em ser o melhor dj e produtor como vc, um dia farei uma homenagem a vc mano, forte abraço, (E o ZK aqui)