Dr. Dre's "Talk About It" Lyric Video Premiering Monday, October 5th!

#TalkAboutIt Lyric Video. Monday.

#TalkAboutIt lyric video. Monday.

Posted by Dr Dre on Friday, October 2, 2015

"COMPTON" out now.



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nicholasberardinelli0116's picture

Dre, please perform in Toronto 

donsodec's picture

i am tormented for their fight against psychiatry

IceIke_Quillian's picture

How do I submit my professionally recorded demo to your company Dre?

535music's picture

Attention Artists: Sign up.. Upload your music ...and start selling your music  ..its that easy! https://535music.com #535music

Faberfaf's picture

Hey Dr.dre I wanna be a rapper but I have two problem first I live in Iran on Asia and nobody give a shit to my work and second is nobody doesn't exist like you that can see our talent 

This is a Islamic country and we haven't anyway except you.