Dr. Dre's "Talk About It" Lyric Video Premiering Monday, October 5th!

#TalkAboutIt Lyric Video. Monday.

#TalkAboutIt lyric video. Monday.

Posted by Dr Dre on Friday, October 2, 2015

"COMPTON" out now.



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Daniel_Amiri's picture

Hello Mr. Young, I hope to meet with you in the near future. I’m here for you. Your album Compton speaks volumes and I agree. It’s time to make the change.

Email: daniel@letzchat.com

Thank you 

AndChecks's picture

Fuck Beethoven, screw bach, this is our countrys greatest music put on wax. -CHEESE

Zaque_Aldre's picture

Eai DRE, aqui e o ZK, sou mega fã de vc mano, ainda sonho em ser o melhor dj e produtor como vc, um dia farei uma homenagem a vc mano, forte abraço, (E o ZK aqui)

Patrick_Hanks's picture

better believe I'm gonna talk about it. dre: love you amigo.

listening to chronic 2001 tonight. mainly I wanted to thank u for that .... and the chronic.  

turns out im really about this new shit too! f*ckin hot dre. ty sir

Heather_Klein's picture

Talk about it... No questions... Stellar.