Dr. Dre's "Talk About It" Lyric Video Premiering Monday, October 5th!

#TalkAboutIt Lyric Video. Monday.

#TalkAboutIt lyric video. Monday.

Posted by Dr Dre on Friday, October 2, 2015

"COMPTON" out now.



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john_zimmerman58's picture

Dr. Dre is the illest!!  Just wanna say, got mad respect for ya!  Was down with Dre from day one....everything you’ve created and everyone you’ve created.  Keep on creating Dr. Dre, we appreciate everything you do.  Gives this white boy from PA something to look forward to.  Peace and Love to ya..

teresa_cole57's picture

Sitting in the motel room; the band starts playin my favorite tune. All a sudden,  there's a knock at the door! Probably some one who wants to score! We ask whose there and we get NO REPLY! So we look at each other *with the serious eye*!!! Instinct tells me *Stash it all!!!!*  Noone wants to take the fall! So I stashed the pipes and I stashed the scales and luckily noone went to jail!!!

teresa_cole57's picture

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!  BTW - I am trying to contact you because I have been sitting on lyrics written in the 80's! Not to brag but one poem/lyrics for a song  - Is published in the *International Library of Congress in the Poetry section I presume.  As well as a couple of other countries that asked for permission to publish in their libraries as well!!!!

Daniel_Amiri's picture

Hello Mr. Young, I hope to meet with you in the near future. I’m here for you. Your album Compton speaks volumes and I agree. It’s time to make the change.

Email: daniel@letzchat.com

Thank you 

AndChecks's picture

Fuck Beethoven, screw bach, this is our countrys greatest music put on wax. -CHEESE