Lyric Video: Dr. Dre "Talk About It" feat. King Mez & Justus

Watch the lyric video for Dr. Dre "Talk About It" feat. King Mez & Justus.

"COMPTON" out now.



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FunkyMISFIT's picture

FUcking incredible cadence and delivery over a sick cinematic backdrop!!! Well played, Well played!!! Nothing left to talk about...

Tyler_Peckham's picture

I got some mad remixes to make with yo 01 track I'm a if asap rocky was white he'd look like me I'm talking swag I could be bigger then Eminem I thought the easiest way to contact you was to send a sound track through the mail cuz that's just seems what a og would respect

christophereseanobi's picture

This is another mother fuckin bomb by the Dr himself....Keep it up Andre...Still keeping it real

Jimmi_Jalla's picture

just want to say. Huge respect for what you have achieved. thanks for all the music and everything you've done for music. You are an inspiration for success and creativity. and that is also goes to Jimmy Lovine.

 from Max Bang Jacobsen. Denmark.

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Voo Doo The Witchdoctor