Lyric Video: Dr. Dre "Talk About It" feat. King Mez & Justus

Watch the lyric video for Dr. Dre "Talk About It" feat. King Mez & Justus.

"COMPTON" out now.



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Phil_Murphy's picture

Dre had a email from slim just seeing if real potential   said I had a project for the Skata4phyloffasiey 

Contact me at 

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Good song

lilperk66's picture

dr dre is the beat one of n.w.a beasuse he knows how to make beats and i know how to rap

David_Tidrick's picture

There are many ghosts that haunt the corridors of time..... Tupac Amaru Shakur, Eric Wright..... and the others. I have a tremendous amount of esteem for Dr. Dre..... He knew how to keep working.... Despite the loss of a good number of friends. It's an honor to be able to listen to Dre

Joe_Guillard's picture

As I pay this back listen to this track repeat then playback

Hope to aftermath Here's my flow rap name Shyster

Hope the aftermath does a math after they hear my flow

By the way my name's Joe Pass some of those chronic Beats

Been down since day one one can only hope anyways