#ThePharmacy is on now

#ThePharmacy is on now. You don’t want to miss this. http://apple.co/Beats1



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I REALLY need a doctor! And Dr. Dre REALLY needs me! lmao, right? I am desperate for guidance about where to start writing, collaborating, contributing back to society for my idiocy, Please! Somebody that knows anything about getting into the music writing business check me out here, you'll understand, I am "special",  www.MarshaBMathers.tumblr.com  yep, it's almost legal, my name will really be Marsha B. Mathers, A little trailer park girl with really big balls... aka   Kristi Hornback  (see why I'm changing it)

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Cuz if they do I'm gonna me a sweet ass crib with black and white marble floors and some red and white furniture for my friends to chill on in one of those ? Hey dre your from there what the fuck are those? What?sky rises...yeah that's it a motherfucking sky rise were we can all be chillin...and ill be staring at the sky people probably thinking I'm high as u guys will be chillin overlooking my city and to all u mother fuckers that never believed in me looking up running your mouth motherfuckers well huh it's judgement time and this is my motherfucking committee

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Yo dre can u get me too your studio. Do u give out loans where u live california.

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Who is skylar grey.

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Hey their dre looking dark inside. Listen to pink floyd.Disc #1. Start at # 9 young lust, then breathe With the pace of the song.Then dont killyourself.Catch up.