#ThePharmacy is on now

#ThePharmacy is on now. You don’t want to miss this. http://apple.co/Beats1



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Dr. Dre, well researching the number 1 music producer in the World. Moreover, I woke up to “Still Dre” and Snoop in it too yet, It legendary song cause I live with music it just wakes me up. Yes, it almost twenty year old yes the music is always good. “ It thee beats!”  The music   Stands on it beats and lyrics will flow.  Yeap, the morning rise and shine with your beats, forever in the music ‘cause musically your the number 1 producer of all these beats. Well, I am up today and have done my research just letting you gain my view that beats are forever and it’s way of life for me. Dr Dre a super inspirational produce and one day I want one or maybe all three my sons to produce just a perfectionist produce as you. All in all, Dr. Dre it been a super research of responsibility on Dr Dre web site this morning. Thank you and very much appreciate your forever musically beats of this morning “do ‘s”. Estelle Melenudo Bakersfield,CA aka Star1melenudo...

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Hello Dr. Dre,

My name is Collins. I'm a writer.

The reason I am writing is cuz your movie and song inspired me to write an interesting manuscript, which can be made into a movie/book.

I would like to share the manuscript with you.

Kindly contact me via my email if you are interested.

My email is: ezeane9@gmail.com



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Due to a horrible car wreck, like my vehicle is all wrecked beyond recognition. Played chicken with a semi and  I lost. I missed out. My M&Ms are gonna be so pissed at me. I'm scared what the twins gonna dish out for me now. Assholes. 

I'm always missing out. Sleeping I guess. I'm awake now I sure hope this window is still open. Thanks. 

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I REALLY need a doctor! And Dr. Dre REALLY needs me! lmao, right? I am desperate for guidance about where to start writing, collaborating, contributing back to society for my idiocy, Please! Somebody that knows anything about getting into the music writing business check me out here, you'll understand, I am "special",  www.MarshaBMathers.tumblr.com  yep, it's almost legal, my name will really be Marsha B. Mathers, A little trailer park girl with really big balls... aka   Kristi Hornback  (see why I'm changing it)

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Cuz if they do I'm gonna me a sweet ass crib with black and white marble floors and some red and white furniture for my friends to chill on in one of those ? Hey dre your from there what the fuck are those? What?sky rises...yeah that's it a motherfucking sky rise were we can all be chillin...and ill be staring at the sky people probably thinking I'm high as u guys will be chillin overlooking my city and to all u mother fuckers that never believed in me looking up running your mouth motherfuckers well huh it's judgement time and this is my motherfucking committee